Step into the future of reliable and powerful cloud computing with WebSols Pakistan’s Cloud servers. Our services are tailored to elevate your business to new heights, offering unparalleled performance, security, and scalability. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our cloud servers provide the perfect blend of affordability and high-end technology. Experience the best price-performance ratio, robust power for production workloads, and the cutting-edge efficiency of Arm64 architecture. Choose WebSols for a hosting solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring that your online presence is dynamic and resilient as your business. Let’s embark on a journey to digital excellence together, where your ambitions are limited only by your imagination.

WebSols Cloud


Websols Cloud server Performance


The performance of servers is enhanced by integration of Ampere® Altra®, AMD EPYC™ 2nd Gen, and Intel® Xeon® Gold processors, coupled with fast NVMe SSDs in local RAID10 configuration. This ensures high-performance hardware for optimal efficiency. Additionally, the redundancy of 10 Gbit network connection in host systems provides further reliability and speed, ensuring superior services experience for our users.

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Volumes provide a highly reliable and available SSD storage solution for your cloud servers. These Volumes are incredibly flexible, allowing you to scale up to a substantial 10 TB capacity whenever required. Additionally, they are designed for seamless integration with Hetzner cloud servers. This feature offers you the ability to enhance your server’s storage capabilities efficiently, ensuring you have the necessary resources to handle large-scale data requirements and improve your overall server performance.


The Snapshot feature we offer significantly enhances your data management and recovery capabilities. It allows you to create manual backups of your servers, a vital function for maintaining the integrity and continuity of your digital infrastructure. With Snapshots, you can easily revert your server back to a saved state from a previous point in time, ensuring you can recover from unforeseen issues or data loss effectively. Additionally, these snapshots are not just for restoration; they can be instrumental in scaling your operations. You can use these saved images to set up new cloud servers, making it easier and faster to expand your resources as your needs grow. This feature is also particularly useful in project management, as it allows the transfer of server images between different stages or parts of a project. By using Snapshots, you are equipped with a flexible and powerful tool to manage your server environment, enhancing both security and efficiency.


Whether you’re looking for the cloud server with the best price-performance ratio, need unshared power for your production workloads or want to take advantage of the Arm64 architecture, we have an option for you.

Shared vCPU Cloud Servers

Best price-performance ratio with Intel® Xeon® Gold or AMD EPYC™ 7002 series Processors.


1 Core Intel

Disk Space

20 GB


20 TB


2 GB

$9.99 Monthly

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Dedicated vCPU Cloud Servers

Optimize your workload with AMD Milan EPYC™ 7003 and AMD Genoa EPYC™ 9654 processors.


2 Core AMD

Disk Space

80 GB


20 TB


8 GB

$24.99 Monthly

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Shared vCPU

Our shared vCPU plans feature virtual CPU cores that allocated amongst various on single host, leading to variable response times. These shared vCPU plans at optimal balance of cost and performance. They are well-suited for both development and production environments that experience moderate traffic and network usage.

Consider these shared instance plans for applications such as small-scale databases, microservices, content management systems (CMS), or web servers with lower traffic volumes.

Dedicated vCPU

Our Dedicated vCPU offerings are designed for consistently high performance with minimal latency, perfect for demanding CPU and network tasks. These solutions excel in scenarios requiring robust processing power, such as enterprise-level applications, high-volume websites, interactive gaming servers, advanced machine learning projects, and extensive big data analysis.

Introducing our latest WSDC plans, we provide dedicated vCPU power at more affordable rates than before. Elevate your operations by acquiring dedicated cloud instance tailored to enhance and efficiently manage your workload.


How do we keep your data secure with Cloud Share?

The Cloud Share file system can tolerate several simultaneous drive failures. As soon as we detect any irregularies with our drives, we will exchange them immediately, thereby further decreasing the chance of failure to a very low level.

In addition, our Cloud Share file system checks the integrity of the data using checksums and automatically corrects errors. We’ve created high-availability cluster for the instance databases, making the chances of a complete failure very minimal. A backup is also performed automatically several times a day. Finally, if you choose to synchronize your Storage Share data with your own computer or device using client software, you will have an additional copy of your data.

Can I use Cloud Share with my smartphone?

Yes, there is a Nextcloud app for iOS and Android that is also compatible for Cloud Share. You can download the apps at the following links.

Who is Managed Nextcloud suitable for?

Small to medium-sized companies and larger teams that need secure, functional and convenient data storage as the basis of their collaboration platform choose Managed Nextcloud. Nextcloud hosting from WebSols is also suitable for private individuals as well as for companies, institutions and associations who want to move their local file server to the cloud.

In short, Managed Nextcloud hosting is an ideal, affordable and professional collaborative storage solution for small and medium-sized businesses and larger teams that don’t want to hire extra IT specialists to set up and maintain their Nextcloud server. As an experienced hosting provider IONOS takes care of all this for you so that you can devote more time to what is important to you.